Cape Dried Fruit Packers (Pty) Ltd is South Africa’s second largest exporter of dried Cape tree fruit, shipping a third of the country’s production to overseas markets.


Our superior storage facilities and careful management of stock allow us to supply top quality products all-year round.


The managing and implementation of processes to ensure food safety is non-negotiable and of a high standard at Cape Dried Fruit Packers. We have a quality management system based on Quality Assurance in place and we adhere to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) systems with regular external audits on all procedures. Safety and quality standards, as encompassed in legislation and in the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice, are continuously exceeded.

Our products are sourced from farmers who adhere to the Good Agricultural Practices (according to Global G.A.P.) guidelines. Our state of the art facilities are HACCP & BRC certified and all our products are Kosher and Halaal. To meet our customers’ varied needs, we provide a range of dried tree fruits and tropical fruit for export. For the local market we’ve also added nuts, seeds etc. to satisfy the whole family. In both markets we offer the following grades of dried fruit: choice grade, standard grade and manufacturing grade.


Cape Dried Fruit Packers is the single biggest employer in the town of Montagu, known as the gateway to the Little Karoo region. We believe that investing in our people allows us to continuously grow and improve our business. To that effect we provide our staff members with access to various training and development opportunities.